No Dining In? Here’s How F&B Outlets Are Coping

If there are lessons which chefs and restaurateurs haven’t already learned from last year’s Circuit Breaker, it’s that F&B operators need to be nimble and flexible to respond to changes brought about by the Covid-19 crisis. Food delivery and takeaways have become part of restaurants and bars’ modus operandi for businesses to stay afloat and are the sole means of revenue during a lockdown. 

With Phase 2 Heightened Alert’s restrictions on dining in and social gatherings, restaurants and bars are back to offering food and drinks on the go and consumers now have more options to choose from. To stand out from the crowd, many F&B outlets are more ready than before to offer delectable products and experiences to help consumers stay home and stay safe as well as cope with cabin fever. (The struggle is real.) We check in on what some establishments are offering.

Travel without leaving town

While travel is not possible and muggy days remind us that we are still in Singapore, The Old Man Singapore aims to bring a touch of Scandinavia to you. It has partnered with award-winning Himkok Bar in Oslo, Norway (ranked No. 30 on the World’s 50 Best Bars 2020 list) to offer the Sea Buckthorn Negroni, a variation on the classic negroni concocted with sea buckthorn (known as Finland’s liquid gold), Beefeater Gin, and Vermouth ($38 for 250ml). The concoction is part of The Old Man Singapore’s ‘Bars Unknown’ tour, a series of pop-ups which take place in the first and last week of each month, featuring two signature cocktails in collaboration with a renowned bar each time.

Place your orders with The Old Man Singapore at or call 6909 5505.

‘Fredagsmys’ or ‘Cosy Fridays’ is a popular Swedish tradition that calls for one to relax on the sofa with friends and family, either playing board games or watching television while enjoying easy-to-prepare comfort foods like tacos, crisps and pizzas. Sounds utterly relatable? With Singaporeans spending more time at home, Try Swedish, an export programme which supports the global promotion and sales of Swedish food & beverage products, is spreading this custom to our shores. 

You can order a selection of imported staples and treats from Sweden via the Try Swedish shop on RedMart, which ranges from Dairy Fresh Oat Milk from Oatly, 100% organic-certified milk and cream cheese from Arla to the popular Almondy frozen chocolate cakes. Change into your favourite loungewear, light some candles, catch your favourite show on Netflix and graze the night away!

Place your orders with Try Swedish on RedMart, Lazada at


Giving gifts never gets old

Can’t celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday because of the cap on gathering size? Consider sending her uniquely crafted hand waxed bottles of alcohol from Beats Bites & Cocktails (BBC) or gift cards priced from $100. If your friend’s a serious drinker, the BBC Cocktail Enthusiast Club membership guarantees a lifetime membership for a one-time fee of $588. Members will have access to tastings and events with some of the most distinguished spirits producers in the world, educational talks, and food tastings with guest chefs, as well as free participation in five bites and cocktails/spirits tasting events worth $500. 

The lounge, kitchen and music space also offers a variety of Bottled Cocktail Flights ($68 each) – Bitter, Old Fashioned, Highball, and Sours – to kick-start your drinks party at home. Each cocktail is conveniently served in 100ml portions and comes with large ice cubes to provide proper dilution. The Bitter Familia Cocktail Flight, for example, features three cocktails: Black Negroni, prepared with Brass Lion Gin, Averna, Campari, Rinomato L’Apertivo Deciso, and Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters; Cane & Caffeine, concocted with Doorly’s XO Rum, Six Saints Olorosso Cask Rum, Old Young’s Cold Brew Coffee Vodka, Campari, Select Bitter Apertif; and Left Hand, made with a blend of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Carpano Classico, Campari, Select Bitter Apertif, Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters.

Place your orders with Beats Bites & Cocktails at


Order a Michelin-starred restaurant experience to your home

Fancy a personalised room service in the comfort of your own home? Two Michelin-starred restaurant Saint Pierre is yet again pushing the creative envelope after last year’s success of Virtual Saint Pierre, an omakase bento experience complete with a Zoom meet and greet call from its chef-owner Emmanuel Stroobant. This time, he has introduced Room Service by Saint Pierre ($800), a fuss-free and exquisite dinner experience tailored for a family of 4 to 5.

Staff from Saint Pierre restaurant will personally deliver a multi-course meal to your house. All the dishes are cooked, prepared and plated on exquisite tableware at the restaurant prior to delivery, so there’s no need to even step into your kitchen to assemble or reheat the food.

The gastronomic experience comprises artisanal breads paired with salted Brittany butter and four fine starters like white asparagus, leek and buckwheat; amela tomato, hairy crab and avocado; marron, cherry trout, Jerusalem artichoke and basil, and finger lime, seaweed. For mains, there is the highly lauded Wagyu beef served with spring vegetable and wasabi jus. What’s French fine dining without a selection of gourmet cheeses like vieux comte and sillon bleu, accompanied with a variety of nuts, breads and condiments like truffle honey? Complete the meal with an impeccable dessert course – the tarte aux fruits – and petit fours like hazelnut choux, almond financier, passion fruit chocolate bonbon and baileys macaron.

Email or call 6438 0887.


Remember the 3Bs of Comfort Food: Breads, Butter and Bakes

Carb-loading has been cited by health experts as a way to regain a sense of balance and cope with feelings of anxiety from the ongoing pandemic. And few aromas are as reassuring as that of freshly baked breads.  Which is why the array of artisanal breads conceptualised by Fat Duck alumnus, Katherine Ritcheson who joins Saint Pierre as head baker, gets us excited. 

Fresh bakes include the Fig & Hazelnut Loaf ($18 for 450g), made with a mix of organic flour, rye flour, wholemeal flour, studded with dried figs and hazelnuts; Brioche ($10 for 200g), baked with flour, sugar, dry yeast, eggs and butter; Olive Fougasse ($9 for 250g), prepared with a mix of black and green olives, rosemary and olive oil; and the Gluten-Free Bread ($16 for 600g), composed of psyllium husk, buckwheat flour, millet flour, brown rice flour, potato starch, dry yeast and sugar. The latter raises our expectations as chef-owner Emmanuel Stroobant is “pleasantly surprised by Katherine’s rendition” which offers “great texture and flavour”.

Place your orders via email at and collect the breads at Kingdom of Belgians located at 8 Rodyk Street.

Julia Child famously said, “With enough butter, anything is good,” and we can’t agree more. MOONBOW, a modern European restaurant with an Asian influence, retails limited quantities of freshly made butter tubs in two flavours: Tomato Infused Butter ($15) and Parmesan Infused Butter ($15++).  Surely, a great way to brighten up your morning routine. Place your orders via WhatsApp to 9010 2717.

An afternoon treat calls for sugary bombs and these tempting doughnuts from The Bravery, are the answer. The restaurant has created them in tempting flavours like gula melaka, strawberry burst, cinnamon sugar, salted caramel, nutella, and classic flavour. Available in a box of 6 ($12). Or opt for light and airy choux pastries in flavours like mocha, Nutella, lemon yuzu, strawberry burst, pandan gula melaka, and salted caramel. Available in a box of 6 ($10). To order, contact 9388 2973.

Stock up your needs

When back-to-back Zoom meetings leave little time for cooking, you have got to stock up a selection of meals and groceries ahead. CURE offers conveniently frozen pies ($27.82 for one, $80.25 for a pack of three, $139.10 for a pack of six) to get you through the week. They include the Irish Beef & Guinness Pie, featuring tender, perfectly seasoned, braised Irish beef cheeks under a flaky buttery crust; the classic Shepherd’s Pie with lamb, root vegetables and fresh thyme under a bed of mashed potatoes; or the Fisherman’s Pie, with salmon, smoked haddock, seabass, prawns and vegetables in a white wine veloute under a flavourful layer of Pommes Duchesse. If you prefer piping hot pies, choose the Ready-to-eat Pie Sets ($42.80), which includes mashed potatoes, savoury bacon butter and a bread roll. Place your orders at

Meal In A Box dishes like the traditional Boulet Liegeois (Belgian meatballs, $12) and Deep Fried Pork Burger ($15), or Ready to Eat frozen options such as Sausage and Stoemp (a dish similar to bangers and mash, $20/$38) and Beef Lasagna ($20/$35) can be found at Kingdom of Belgians (KOB). Wind down after a long WFH day a thirst-quenching selection of Belgian beers from Stella Artois ($16), the citrusy Blue Moon ($16), a bold dark ale like Chimay Blu ($22) to a golden blond beer like La Chouffe ($20). LPB Market, the newest retail corner housed within KOB, also offers gourmet groceries sourced from France and Europe. It remains open for visitors to walk in and peruse a seasonal selection of over 50 different types of artisanal cheeses along with other quality products, including charcuterie, fresh dairy and meat, and award-winning wines to bring home.  

For takeaway orders, contact Kingdom of Belgians at 6634 0500.